{ Breast Augmentation }

Thinking about breast augmentation? You’ve come to the right place. Dr. Stephen Mulholland, a Toronto plastic surgeon, and SpaMedica are one of the premier providers of the No.1 cosmetic surgical procedure performed in Canada – breast augmentation. If you’re looking for breast augmentation in Toronto, SpaMedica offers a variety of breast implant options including saline breast implants and cohesive gel breast implants.

Our approach is to provide patients with the most progressive augmentation options available, so you can choose the procedure that’s right for you. Our goal is to leave you feeling confident, sexy and satisfied, with the most beautiful and natural breasts you could ever want. Please take the time to review some of the great content on this website. There’s information on all the latest options for breast augmentation, an expansive photo gallery, and even a self-evaluation you can take to see if you’re a good candidate for the procedure!

Be sure and check out details on our 3D Vectra Breast Imager – our unique technology that literally lets you ‘try before you buy’ with over 95% accuracy! 


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